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  • WordPress

    Beds24 provides a WordPress plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/beds24-online-booking/) which makes it easy to add booking technology to any WordPress site via shortcodes. The actual management of bookings and inventory is done directly in the Beds24 control panel.

  • Onde é seu escritório?

    Nossa empresa e escritório fechado ao público está localizado em São Lourenço -MG – BRASIL

  • Integração com o meu site

    O AppReservas pode ser integrado em qualquer website, seja toda a página de reservas e também pequenos widgetse calendários de reservas.
    Isto requer  apenas u, colar código html que é gerado dentro da sua conta do appreservas .  

    A página de reservas é totalmente personalizável. O design inovador da nova versão responsiva permite não apenas mudar as cores e tipo de fontes, mas também definir qual conteúdo você deseja exibir e aonde.

  • Suporte

    O AppReservas é uma plataforma self-service.
    Informações e Suporte gratuito estão disponíveis nos seguinte canais:

    • Documentação em texto
    • Documentação em vídeo
    • Informações de ajuda dentro da plataforma – Clique no ícone de AJUDA na parte superior direita de qualquer página para obter informações sobre a página. E u m clique na interrogação ‘ ?’ que aparece ao lado de cada configuração abre a ajuda com informações sobre a configuração.
    • Whatsapp de Segunda a Sexta das 09h as 18h
    • Whatsapp plantão para urgências: Feriados e Fins de semana.
    • Email

  • Configuração inicial e Customizações

    O AppReservas é uma plataforma self-service.
    Não cobramos taxa de instalação e consegue configurar tudo você mesmo.
    . We have setup wizards which introduce the system and guide you through the setup process.

    Almost all elements on the booking page and invoice have classes and you can apply custom CSS to customise them. You or your web designer can use Firebug or a similar tool to look up the classes.

  • Reports

    Can I run reports of my bookings from Beds24?

    The system includes a range of predefined reports including revenue reports, arrivals, departures, invoices, occupancy and current guests. You also have the option to create custom reports. All reports can be saved as .csv files. Custom reports are also available for download as Excel or pdf files.

    Can I create my own reports in Beds24?

    Yes, you can create custom reports in your account.

    I have created a Report in the Master account, can I make this available in my sub accounts?

    Yes, you can Clone reports from one account to another.

    Can I email a report to my Clearners’

    Yes, you can download the report to your PC and then email to your clearner.

    Is it possible to automate reports and send to my email address?

    No, this is currently not possible, you will need to run the report and download to your pc, then email the report as an attachment.

    Can I run financial reports for all my bookings?

    Yes, there are a number of pre-defined reports in the Standard Reports, you also have the option to create custom reports.

  • Rates/Prices

    You can set a simple or refined rate structure based for example on seasons, occupancies, minimum/maximum stays, time of booking (e.g. last minute).

    For help, with setting prices please go to the Prices section: https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

  • Can I send a a proposal or quote to a guest?

    Can I send a a proposal or quote to a guest?

    Yes. Please use these instructions.

  • Pictures

    The new responsive booking page allows up to 5 pictures per property plus up to five pictures per room and offer.

    By default the adaptive version of the booking page allows for one picture per unit but you can add a Woo slider which will let you display multiple pictures. If you are comfortable working with HTML you can also add multiple pictures directly.

    Can we add pictures/images to Upsell Items?

    Yes, please go to SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> UPSELL ITEMS, and click HELP (top right menu) for the instructions.

  • Multiple Users

    Can more than one person login at a time to my Beds24 account?

    Only one person can use the login at a time, if you need multiple users, then you can create sub accounts with full or limited access rights. Choose from default roles (e.g. admin, backoffice, reception, cleaner) or create your own roles.

    Is there a charge for multiple logins?

    Yes, please see you the billing section in your Account for details.

    Can I limit the access rights of my staff?

    Yes, you can specify the access rights to each user, you can choose from default roles (e.g. admin, backoffice, reception, cleaner) or create your own roles.

    Can I limit what a user can see in the bookings?

    Yes, you can limit the access rights to a login and then you can HIDE additional options within the system.

    Can I give my cleaner access to view the bookings, but stop them from seeing the prices and personal data of the guest?

    Yes, you can limit the access to a login with the ROLE you have assigned and HIDE sections of the bookings within their account.

  • Multiple Properties / Agency Functions

    With Beds24 you can manage multiple properties in one account. You have the option to create subaccounts with individual logins for each property. The subaccounts can have their own login with full access (read and write) or limited access (read only).

    The agency search page allows guests to search for availability by criteria you define and book directly online. For a simple example please look here: https://www.beds24.com/demo/agency-online-reservation-system.html

    We do not have a way to automatically split payments or calculate commission. You could collect the deposit from the guest (your commission) and the property collects the balance when the guest arrives.

  • Mobile

    Is there a mobile version of Beds24?

    The design of the control panel is responsive meaning it adjusts to the size of the screen. This allows you to perform all actions from your smart phone or tablet it you need to. You have the option to set up a special dashboard to use from mobile devices.

    The booking page is mobile friendly. It detects which device the guest uses and adjusts the view accordingly.

  • Messaging and Notifications

    E-Mail You can set up template Emails to manually or auto send to guest e.g. x days before arrival/departure, based on origin of the booking etc. You can export all bookings and process the data e.g. add to your mailing lists.

    Bookings through OTA´s will be confirmed directly through the OTA not from Beds24.

  • Google Analytics / Tracking

    Can Google Analytics be installed on Beds24?

    Yes, you can install Google Analytics on you booking page.

    Beds24 also has a built in logging system which will give you information on the activities on your booking page and where a booking originated from.

  • Documentation

    Is there documentation in Beds24?

    The start page of the support wiki has links to many common questions: https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Main_Page

    There is also a search function which can be used to search for other topics.

    When you click on the FUNCTIONS button in the top left you will find links to commonly used functions.

    Beds24 has setup wizards: https:/www.beds24.com/wizard/index.php?lang=en

    They are designed to introduce the system and guide you through the setup process. The wizards open your control panel and booking page in wizard mode. Login with your username and password and follow the steps.

    There are also tutorials and videos showing you how to do the set up: https:/wiki.beds24.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

  • Payment Collection and Payment Gateways

    Can I collect payments from my Guests?

    You can use Beds24 to receive deposit payments with the booking or collect credit card details. Integrated payment gateways are Paypal (which also allows credit card payments), Stripe, Realex, Authorize.Net, Paymill, asiapay, pesopay, siampay, paydollar, and Bitpay. All later payments have to be processed outside the Beds24 system. Beds24 does not handle money. All payments go directly into your account with the payment gateway.

    To use this service you will need an account with the payment gateway you want to use.

    All the payment gateways we connect to are fully PCI DSS compliant.

    Alternatively you can securely collect credit card details and process the payment through your own bank or merchant account.

    Beds24 is not involved in deposit collections for bookings from booking channels. Each booking channel handles them according to their rules/your account settings.

    If you use Stripe as payment gateway you can choose to send credit cards supplied by all channels directly to Stripe where the cards can be validated and charged.

    Can I send a payment request to my guests ?

    Yes, you can setup an automated email to your guests requesting payment for their bookings.

    What happens if the Customer Credit Card is rejected ?

    If you have setup your account to send the credit card details to STRIPE then you will receive notification that the credit card was rejected and a Booking info code will be added to the Info tab of the booking.

    If the booking was from Booking.com then you can use the Blue button in the ‘Detail Tab’ to Report an Invalid card to Booking.com and they will request a new card from the guest.

    If it was a virtual card Stripe might have rejected it because it was not yet valid. In this case you can send it again on check-in day also via the “Details” tab of the booking.

    For other channels you will need to contact them and report the card as invalid.

    If the booking is in the future, then the invalid credit card details will be stored in Beds24.

  • Currencies

    Can I use multiple currencies in Beds24?

    You can set the system to use one master currency.

    If you are using multiple properties you can set a different currency for each.

    The new responsive version of the booking page allows you to use a currency converter.

    We currently use live data from the openexchangerates.org for currency conversion.

    What if the Booking Channel use a different currency than my currency, can I convert the currency in Beds24?

    When you are using booking channels which require a different currency than your standard currency you can add a multiplier to prices to convert to a different currency.

    In which currecy can I pay for my Beds24 account?

    Your account fees are billed in € but you can pay in any mayor currency according to the current exchange rate.

  • Channel Manager

    We have two way XML connections with major booking channels so Beds24.com can export inventory and prices and import bookings and modifications to bookings.

    What is the difference between XML Connection and iCal Connection?

    XML – Beds24.com can export inventory and prices and import bookings and modifications to bookings.To some channels we can also send pictures and descriptions.

    iCal – Beds24.com can export availability and blocked dates, import bookings (summary information), the capabilities of the connection depend on the channel.

    You can find details for each connected channel here.

    How does the Channel Manager work?

    This page explains in detail how the channel manager works.

    Can I setup different prices for each Channel?

    Yes, if required you can set different rates for your own website and booking channel(s). You can set different prices for each Channel, check the Channel Help page for the requirements and options.

    Can I send a surcharge to a Channel?

    Yes, you can setup different rates for a Channel and/or you can use a Price Multiplier to change your Rates/Daily Price for a Channel. The price can be increased/decreased. Check the HELP page for the Channel for more information.

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